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About Providence Park

An Innovative Housing Initiative

Providence Park is an innovative housing initiative aimed at providing permanent, supportive, and sustainable housing to chronically homeless individuals in a community-driven environment. Emphasizing the importance of meeting basic needs to tackle homelessness at its core, this approach aims to enhance quality of life, reduce societal costs, and foster sense of belonging and stability for its residents. In partnership with Pulaski County and inspired by Austin’s Community First! Village, Providence Park plans to house 400 tiny homes with full support services—medical, mental, dental—and income opportunities for central Arkansas’s chronically homeless. It’s a call to action to uplift individuals from the streets into a community designed to empower. Join us in this groundbreaking initiative to change lives.

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Want to Tour the Property?

We are currently under development and we are happy to visit with you and show you our first Tiny Home. Please contact Errin Stanger to set up a time to visit

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Tiny Home 4 (Errin)

Tiny House Progression

Creation of our first tiny home inside Thermafoam Manufacturing in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Providence Park Progression

Future Home of Providence Park.