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What is the definition of chronic homelessness?

  1. Living in a place not meant for human habitation, a safe haven, or an emergency shelter for at least one year (or four episodes within the past three years) and having at least one disability. 
  2. Residing in an institutional care facility, including a jail or substance abuse or mental health treatment facility, hospital, or other similar facility, for fewer than 90 days if all of the criteria in paragraph (a) are met before entering that facility.
  3. Couch surfing does not count towards your homeless history.

What makes Providence Park unique?

The focus on relationships and building community for the most vulnerable is at the heart of everything we do. We are a replicator village of Community First! Village and we take a relational approach for connecting with our brothers and sisters, instead of a transactional approach. We are more than just a village. We are a place of hope, grace, and empowerment. We are a place where individuals experiencing chronic homelessness can gain support, resources, and community to help them get back on their feet. We believe that every person deserves a chance to live with dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances.

How did this project get started?

The project got started by our founder, Errin Stanger, and her determination to create a new opportunity to care for our chronically homeless. Through years of research, she found Community First! Village and instantly knew that we needed something like it in central Arkansas. Thanks to early supporters, such as Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde, and other supporters and volunteers, this dream has become a reality.

How large is Providence Park and how many neighbors can live there?

Providence Park is currently a 50-acre master planned community, designed specifically for individuals coming out of chronic homelessness. The land will provide up to 400 tiny homes and we are excited about the development of Phase 1 which will create 100 homes prayerfully by the end of 2025.

How many homes do you have in Providence Park?

Phase 1 of Providence Park will have 100 tiny homes and we hope to have 100 homes completed by the end of 2025. Phase 2-4 will bring an additional 300 homes. Once completed, Phases 1-4 will provide homes for 400 individuals who have been living on the streets of Pulaski County.

Where is Providence Park located?

It is located in Pulaski County, about 20 minutes from Downtown Little Rock. The address is 6900 Green Rd. Mabelvale, AR 72103.

How do I join the mailing list?

You can sign up by filling out the form in the footer on this page.

I want to donate by check. Where should I send it?

Our mailing address is: 2513 McCain Blvd. Suite 2, #161 North Little Rock, AR 72116-7606.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. Refuge Village is a a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Does a potential resident need to be free of drug and alcohol addictions in order to qualify to live in Providence Park?

Providence Park, a replicator village of Community First! Village, has adopted the Community First! Village model that has been developed with an approach similar to the Housing First model, which believes an individual must first be adequately housed before important lifesaving services such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation would be effective. It is counterproductive for an individual to go  through rehab or receive other vital services only to be released back onto the streets. Refuge Village has taken this approach a step further by emphasizing community and relationships in every aspect of what we do.

At Providence Park we are providing more than just housing. We are developing a community with wrap around care and services, along with an attention to an individual’s relational needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional housing initiatives. The emphasis at Providence Park is on building a community filled with dignity, love, respect, abundance and acceptance. In accordance with Community First! Village’s best practices, this is based on Scripture’s meaning of shalom, which describes a human at peace in all relationships.

Please remember that the possession and distribution of controlled substances is against the law. We expect everyone living within Providence Park to abide by the law.

Since you are faith-based organization, will Providence Park residents be required to participate in faith-related activities that happen in the community?

There are opportunities to participate in spiritual activities within Providence Park, but there is not a requirement to participate. Although Refuge Village is a Christian faith-based organization, our first priority is centered on the dignity of a human being. Additionally, we have made a commitment as part of our privilege of having tax exempt status to not discriminate against anyone. We have a deep respect for all faiths and welcome all individuals into our community—both Providence Park residents, and those who wish to volunteer or serve the residents living in our community.

What kind of rules are there in Providence Park?

Individuals living in Providence Park are required to follow three primary community rules. Residents must: 

  1. Pay rent on time.
  2. Abide by civil law.
  3. Follow the rules of the community itself (similar to a homeowners association for a neighborhood).

How do I apply to live in Providence Park?

We are currently in the process of building the application and will have this ready soon. Thank you for your patience.

When can neighbors move into Providence Park?

We are hopeful to be moving neighbors into Providence Park by the Spring of 2025.