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About Us

Where We Started

Founded in North Little Rock, Arkansas, the organization serves its homeless neighbors through its core project, Providence Park. As a result of years of study and research, and connections with our chronically homeless neighbors, we have decided to replicate Community First! Village in Austin, Texas. We believe, along with Alan Graham and his team in Austin, that the single greatest cause of homelessness is a profound, catastrophic loss of family. It’s from this understanding and learning alongside the staff at Community First! Village, that a replicator village is needed in central Arkansas to provide long term care and support for our brothers and sisters in need.

In partnership with Pulaski County, we are creating a 50-acre master planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for individuals coming out of chronic homelessness.

Mission & Vision

We are more than just a village. We are a place of hope, grace, and empowerment. We are a place where individuals experiencing chronic homelessness can gain support, resources, and community to help them get back on their feet. We believe that every person deserves a chance to live with dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances.

Our mission is to serve our homeless brothers and sisters in need by providing a safe and supportive environment in which we can plant the seeds of dignity. We understand that homelessness is not just a lack of shelter, but a complex issue that requires a holistic approach. That’s why we offer a range of services to help individuals overcome the challenges they face.

We believe in the power of empowerment. We help our residents build the skills they need to become self-sufficient, including job training, financial management, and access to healthcare. We also provide a supportive community that fosters a sense of belonging and purpose. Through our programs, residents learn to rely on themselves and each other to create a brighter future.

Grace is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, regardless of their past. We offer a non-judgmental, compassionate environment where individuals can heal, grow, and thrive.

This amazing village is more than a place to live. It’s a community of people working together to end chronic homelessness. With our innovative approach to empowerment and grace, we believe that we can make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. Join us on this journey to create a world where everyone has a home, and no one is left behind.